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The Mystery of Love

Many ask for the meaning of their lives. Searching they roam around “trying” different religious thoughts and concepts, philosophies and alternative ways of living promising them fulfillment and meaning. Naturally the focus is on the human yearning in general… and just this concentration on the human lack hinders man to find true fulfillment of life.

The authors want to show the true meaning of man’s existence and the way to complete satisfaction, to be found by loving God with all of our hearts – with all we are. Instead seeking satisfaction for ourselves, we give the ONE, who created us for one purpose only, what He desires and will find happiness and satisfaction in His love in return.

It is our desire this message is spread as far as possible and everybody is welcome to copy, forward, print and publish it on the Internet on websites and blogs. May God’s love enrapture every reader changing him forever!

Markus and Frances Piercy-Reins

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