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The Battle Of Gilboa
A call to choose your side
Markus Piercy-Reins

One of the most tragic persons in God’s word for me is Jonathan. As David was a man after God’s heart so Jonathan was of same spirit and heart.
David and Jonathan had the same spirit of stepping out in absolute faith daring the impossible.
In 1.Samuel 14 we see daring Jonathan as he steps out trusting in God alone conquering a whole Philistine outpost.
“Come, let's go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows. Perhaps the LORD will act on our behalf. Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few.” He was saying to his armor-bearer.
And this man had the right spirit, too: “Do all that you have in mind! Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul!”
It is so clear to see the Spirit of the Lord resting on both of them as they stepped forward – two against twenty Philistines.
And the presence of the Lord walked before Jonathan felling the Philistines before him without any fight. They fell before him and the armor-bearer coming after Jonathan killed them with Jonathan’s sword.

Later being with Israel’s army Jonathan watched David’s fight against Goliath (1.Samuel 17) and we read in the first verse of the 18th chapter:
And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

Jonathan had a different spirit than his father Saul… and he suffered under his father’s pessimism, indecision and inactivity.
Now seeing David his heart was leaping with joy. Finally someone I can relate to… finally one, trusting God instead of sitting around in depression disabled by God’s curse.

And Jonathan wasn’t selfish at all. His love for his “brother of heart” was motivating him to express his love and adoration with the utmost he was able to:
Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.
And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle. – 1.Sam. 18:3+4

He knew about the symbolism behind all he was doing there… and David knew it, too! They knew that wearing Jonathan’s robe bearing his bow and sword means that Jonathan passed over his right as heir of the kingdom to David.
No one forced him to act this way… just his spirit and heart acted in harmony with the will of God.
He undressed from his glory as throne-heir of the kingdom to let his pure love flow to his beloved friend.

We read in God’s word love doesn’t seek its own and so it was with Jonathan. Like Mary pouring costly spike-nard over Jesus to express her love… so Jonathan’s heart was forcing him to do the utmost possible… to bare himself from all he had to express his love as much as possible.
He wasn’t suffering in doing so… it was the joy of his heart!

Later we read that Jonathan even risked his own life to save David from Saul’s wrath… but he never left his father to join David. The “bonds of the flesh” had been stronger than the “bonds of the spirit” – with fatal consequences. (read Luke 14:26-27 + 33-35)

What a blessing both of them would have been for each other when later David became King over Israel Jonathan being the second after David (1.Sam 23:17+18)… but this never came to pass: Jonathan died at his father’s side in the battle of Gilboa.

Our God is even behind choosing the right battle-places. When His time had come he chose this place to end the reign of Saul… and to forward David into the promises He gave him.

Here the meaning of Gilboa:
Gilboa = fountain of ebullition (Strong’s 1533)

Definition of ebullition
1: a sudden violent outburst or display
2: the act, process, or state of boiling or bubbling up
Have you ever watched a geyser like Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park? Well, such a geyser is the perfect image of expressing the meaning of Gilboa!
Something has boiled for a long, long time… the pressure is rising higher and higher… and suddenly a gushing fountain of steam and boiling water blows up… Gilboa!

God’s promises for David laid there dormant for many years and we see him fleeing from cave to cave deep into the deserts of Israel. Yes, he even was forced to work for the enemies of his people just to save his very life.

Gilboa was God’s place to bring judgment on the usurper… the one once called and anointed but now clinging to might in frantic attempt to secure a kingdom God already has taken from him.

God allowed this to happen. In this time of tribulation He worked on David’s heart. Checked his motives and purged him - but most of all, there in the desert He became intimately known to David.
There David had to face the end of his hopes and the end of his promises… all he was waiting for just dried up shredded - was blown away by a hot, relentless, non-ending desert-wind.
David learned that his end isn’t the end with God… and so got fundamental knowledge about his Creator first hand.

All this time “Gilboa” was gaining steam… all this time God was working towards the fulfillment of His divine plans… and the day came.
Gilboa blew away Saul - ushering David forward into his final destination set by God.

Dear reader, I hardly have words to express my feelings whenever I was reading about Jonathan and the battle of Gilboa. Always my heart was crying out:
“No! No, not Jonathan!!! Why? Oh, why my God, this precious soul? It’s right, with Saul… but Jonathan is destined to reign with David! Why had he to die?”
I was feeling a deep inner pain… but God showed me a solemn warning I have to bring to you today.

God showed me that loving the “right ones” won’t save us from His judgment coming to the “wrong ones” if not standing on the right side at this point of time!
Hanging around with “God’s pack”, supporting them and enjoying their fellowship and counsel won’t save us from death if staying in a system cursed by God.

For many years in my service I have watched believers having their heart on the right place. Those believers clearly see the wrongs in today’s Christendom and they instantaneously connect with the ones following their Master in truth (God’s Davids today).
Often they’re even supporting their ministry with finances or other help… but they never break with the harlot system of organized churches we have today.
Their heart is right… and yes, sometimes they even gave their robes… but when it comes to choices they rather prefer to “stay with Saul in a palace… then joining David in the desert!”

Often this unwillingness to bear the consequences of being rejected and despised is hid behind quite “pious” argumentation:
“You know, this is my place God has for me! If all would run from this system who would remain there to be a light in darkness? God has people He wants to save in the system, too… so I prefer to be a light here… yeah, and there is even a good chance I can serve the “Davids” out from this place…”

Well, Jonathan thought so too as we read in 1.Samuel 20. Jonathan thought he might even be able to influence his father Saul in a positive way.

But let’s face the brutal facts:
Someone cursed by God you won’t have the slightest chance to influence in any way other but the judgment destined by God!

It may take quite some time… but Gilboa will come!

In Revelation 18:4-5 we read God’s call to His people in the harlot-system of organized Christendom:
Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins lest you share in her plagues;
for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.
This is God’s cry:
Come out, my people! You aren’t made to share in the plagues I have for the harlot.
Depart, depart, go out hence, touch no unclean thing; go out from the midst of her,
purify yourselves, you who bear the vessels of the LORD.

Rather choose to stay with David in a desert cave – than having the ease of life with Saul in a palace!

In Revelation 18 we read God’s judgments will come swiftly in one day. He doesn’t want his people to share in those plagues.

I’m writing this message with the same aching heart as I felt with Jonathan when reading his story.
I know so many compromising their heart for convenience sake. I’ve heard too many times the excuses and arguments legitimizing inactivity and indifference.
We might quench uncomfortable questions, right… but is this changing the reality with God?
His eyes of fire seeing our hearts true motivation… what will you answer Him?

I’m watching this for many years now but this morning the Lord told me to send out this “Gilboa-Warning”:
The time to bring My word into completion I spoke to my Davids has come. I will have a holy people representing Me alone in all they do.
The fountains of my wrath are boiling. The steam-pressure is rising and rising. The wall of containment is cracking up… no one knows the day the hour… but Gilboa will blow!
It isn’t meant for you “my dear Jonathan” but you’ve to make your choices. I can’t save you when being in the wrong place fighting the battles of “Saul!”

Will you be killed with “Saul” - or - will this be your start reigning with “David”?

Where will you be found this day the “Battle of Gilboa” is dawning?

In His Service

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