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The Desertman
Markus Piercy-Reins

Glimmering, oven hot air was rippling over the bald rocky landscape. Here and there withered bushes and thorny plants were rarely found. Boulders and sharp edged debris was covering the heated ground.

But wasn’t there a move in the distance? Should here be life where no drop of water is found far and wide?

Yes, in fact, there was a man walking. With swift, elastic steps a man was walking through this landscape. He wasn’t very athletic nor was he skinny; everything seemed to be in harmonic relation.

He was clothed in a wide and rough mantle like cloak of camel fur with a big hood. To protect him from the sun he had pulled it over his head. At his loins this cloak was hold together by a belt of plaited animal tendons.
His feet were protected by moccasin like shoes cushioned with dried grass. He was equipped with a knobbed staff of acacia wood about a man’s height, a knife and a calabash drinking vessel. This was all he had.

Again and again his eyes searched the steel blue, cloudless sky while a relentless sun was burning down on him.
He knew that his way would be long, too long to finish it alive. In the moment he felt rested still, but his experienced senses confirmed him the increasing signs of advancing dehydration.

Again his eyes were searching the sky. When would they come?

There! Suddenly his sharp eyes saw a tiny dark spot slowly drawing closer high above in the sky.

A soft smile flashed over his face. Now he knew that he would reach his destination anyway. The soft smile intensified to a hard smile as he thought:

“Either you eat me – or I eat you!”

As he was moving on suddenly his walk started to change. The swift walk now showed obvious limping. His, till now fluent, walk became shaky and from time to time he took a rest.

The dark spot had drawn close now and was circling high above him. Yeah, he has been noticed and where one is circling there will be more, soon.

Again his eyes searched the sky. Yes, there from southwest two more spots were approaching. And after some time he recognized another one coming from the same direction.

Every one of these huge birds meant 1-1 liters of nutritious fluid in perfect isotonic balance.

While his walk became more and more lurching, the number of the circling spots had reached five.
Instead of looking upward he started to examine the surrounding landscape now, and in close distance he had found an appropriate place soon.

By this small cliff some huge boulders were laying close together - there it will happen.

Stumbling he was falling to the ground and stayed a while lying in the blistering dust. Then he managed it again to knees and hands staying in that position with hanging head for some moments. Tottering he made it back to his feet - just to fall again after 150 feet. Finally after 20 minutes he had reached the picked place. With his back to the rocky cliff he was falling to the ground. His wide cloak lying loose above him concealing his light moving while breathing.
Without any motion he was lying there - but an attentive observer would have noticed that his position was enabling him a lightning like jump up.
His right hand was lying upon his staff – even, you could see his hand fondling this hard staff. How often this staff had served him faithfully!

His left hand was covering his eyes with splayed fingers enabling him unregistered observation.

In the meantime the spots had circled deeper. Seven huge vultures spanning about 9 feet each were drifting in the thermal lift above him without any flap of their wings, staring at each other mistrustfully.

Oh, yes, he knew them too well, and he hoped that more would come. As more of them as better for him. Their jealousy about food and their voracity to get the most would be his allies.

After about two hours motionless waiting, it was late afternoon meanwhile, he heard a hoarse croak on the cliff above him. Yes, they would come!

But still it took another hour; the sun would be down soon, when he heard a whooshing noise in the air. With flapping wings the first was landing on the boulder before him.

Soon after another swoosh filled the air and with angry croaking three more arrived on the surrounding boulders. Now the quiet was over. Mistrustful they looked at each other and with angry croaks each of them tried to push the other away. Each of them wanted to be the first eating!

But it was too early, he needed assurance.

Suddenly a soft groaning was heard followed by a weak coughing and convulsive jerking of the legs. Wild and loud flapping of wings and excited croaking filled the air. Hindering each other the whole bunch fluttered away.
Knowing very well where to find him tomorrow one after the other drew away…. everyone to the Southwest.

After the last had disappeared our man rose carefully massaging his stiff limbs and doing some knee-bends. His mouth was totally dry and he knew the importance to avoid any unnecessary move and labor.

So he covered himself with his cloak and fell asleep.

As soon as the sun had risen above the horizon next morning we were able to see the same scene as the day before.
This time however we were able to see an approaching crowd of 15 vultures drifting in the morning winds. As closer they came loud and angry croaking filled the air. Yes, some of them were attacking each other in flight. It was an eerie noise.
It didn’t take ten minutes and the first landed on the boulders before him. And there the next… and the next… soon the whole bunch was pushing and fighting on the rocks.

Our man laid motionless.

There! – The first hobbled to the ground, and there another. With their long necks stretched forward they were coming closer.
But the others had no intent to allow them primacy and so we could find them all fighting for the best position soon.

Now the time has come!

These huge birds have a problem. Each of them weighs about 30 pounds. They need space to spread their mighty wings. Beside this they need three to four start-hobbles to take off. And this was his chance.
To this adding is the fact that they have a very light built skeleton for better flight performance.
So our man had to beat with all strength on a spot behind their necks or he had to crush one wing. This wouldn’t kill but paralyze them.

Fast as a lightening our man jumped up. Two strong strikes of his staff smashed down on two vultures. He tried to beat a third but he missed it so it was able to escape.
After a short fluttering turmoil it became quiet again. All vultures disappeared except for the two birds lying before him.
They laid there flat on the ground unable to use their legs.

With resolute grasp our man took his knife and calabash. He grabbed one of the birds and cut one of the main arteries of the neck. Pulsing the blood was streaming into the calabash till the bird has died.
Slowly sip by sip he was drinking the precious fluid he needed so much. After this he took the dead bird and spread its wings. With the help of his belt and the staff he bound it together like a tent.
He knew he had to wait for the night to walk on. In the cool of the night he would advance more easily. Till then he had to loose as less strength as possible because the sun would reach him soon.
So he looked for the most protected place in his vicinity and laid the dead bird in that way to win the most shadow and protection. His cloak laid loose upon him; the other vulture had to wait for the evening.

When the sun set down he killed the second vulture, drank its blood and waited till the fast approaching coolness filled the air.
Now he rose tied his cloak tighter, took his staff and was walking on with his well-known swift and light steps… southwestward.
After about 12 miles the landscape started to change. Beside the withered bushes more and more acacia-trees appeared.
When he reached a southwestward leading wadi he followed it. It was the time of dawn when he heard a soft ripple of water. After he passed a rocky corner he stood before a small fount flowing into a small tarn.

In this moment the sun rose and covered the surrounding landscape in golden light.

While the cool fresh water was running through his hands he heard a soft croaking from the cliffs above.
Again we saw this soft smile on his face as he drank from the life-giving waters… yes, he would reach his destination. For sure!

A desertman survives ... where others die with thirst!


We all have a terrible enemy, highly superior to us. He needs not to submit under limitations as we do, because he rules in a higher dimension.
He is concentrating his thought and wish to blast and destroy us. Yes, he has a strategy and with supernatural intelligence he is planning the destruction of the children of the light.

Either we defeat him ... or he will defeat us, without doubt!

But we have a chance. One single chance!

If we know this even all the evil attempts of the evil one have to serve for our best.

By the help of the Holy Spirit we are allowed to learn about the strategies of the evil one. With opened eyes, sharpened understanding and hearing ears we are able to win the victory. But there is a condition:

A life under the direction of the Holy Spirit protected by HIS armor.

The desert will prove if we’re equipped in the right way. As long every thing goes smooth it’s easy to believe and say everything. But the desert, or biblically said the fire, will prove what we’re really made of. It’s all hollow words the life counts!

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Eph. 6, 12-13)

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