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Purged Gold
Markus Piercy-Reins

Some years ago I was in my morning prayers. I had questions relating to the current developments of my life, I wasn’t able to follow up with. So I had searched the face of God the days before.
This morning I was on my knees too asking the Lord for clarification. Suddenly the following Vision was given to me:

I was in the air looking straight upon an altar. Obviously an offering had taken place right before. I saw fresh ashes and some charred pieces with still rising fumes on them. I just saw this picture - nothing else - and after a while nothing happening I asked:
“LORD, what do you want to show me by this? I haven’t got a clue!”

In this moment the scene was changing. Now I saw a mug like vessel standing in the midst of a blast furnace like fire.
The environment surrounding this scene was totally black. Besides the vessel and the fire I wasn’t able to recognize anything except absolute blackness.

While looking on this furnace my focus was led closer to the vessel enabling me to look inside. I saw a bright shining golden mass.
When I saw this I knew that I was standing before a smelter with gold inside as I guessed at this time.
The scene was staying for quite a time and so I started to wonder about what would happen next – there had really passed some time and I became a little impatient. Suddenly I saw the vessel moving.

The vessel was tilted and I expected molten gold to flow out. But to my surprise I saw small golden shining objects falling from the vessel. In the beginning I wasn’t able to identify these objects clearly but suddenly my focus was zoomed in and I saw that these golden bright shining objects were mere men falling from the vessel. Each of them had a golden watering can in his hand shining in like manner as they did.

When they reached the black ground they raised up immediately and started to walk on. While walking everyone had his watering can in his hand constantly watering the dark ground with a bright-golden shining fluid.
Every move was purposeful. They never looked to right or the left. They never did any needless action, each of their steps was purposeful directed to their aim they had to reach – their way was totally straight.
Never I saw one of them taking a rest – and never I saw them running. They just walked in total peace and absolute determination – yes, everything they did was directed by a clear unchanging asignment.

Everywhere this golden fluid was touching the ground fire started burning, continuing to burn even after these men passed on already.

Soon I saw this absolutely black darkness been cut by bright burning lines of fire. Some of these lines where crossing so the image was of a fiery burning net illuminating the darkness.

Some of these fires were burning brighter and looked larger but there was no place touched by the liquid that didn’t burn.
By looking on this ending scene the following word was given to me in my spirit:

And HE shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and HE shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness. (Malachi 3:3)

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