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Church On The Rock?
Vision - June 2002
Chris Poole

The following account spans a time period from last November 2001 to this past June 2002. It began during a time period when I was contemplating some really pronounced changes in the normal pattern of events in both the ministry I was engaged in and my "tent-making" endeavours.

Last November, I was sitting in my blue office recliner behind the desk when suddenly I heard the voice of the LORD begin to speak to me in a very pronounced fashion. He said, "Chris, would you be OK if I told you that we are going to take a trip to the backside of the desert and in that place, all of what you have come to think of and know as normal will cease. There will be no meetings, no activity, no visibility. It will seem as if everything has come to a stop - but - what you will have is my manifest Presence." There was a brief moment of silence at this point and then He came back to me and said, Chris, if all you have is Me and Me alone, would I be enough for you?"

As soon as Jesus finished asking this question, I immediately knew that the right answer was "Yes" but something in me prompted me to stop and think about the question and not answer hastily. It was as if what I said was going to prophesy what would happen - and it would be set in motion immediately after I spoke it. For a brief moment, I contemplated what a "No" answer would be saying ("No, Jesus, You would not be enough. We desire the ministry more than we desire You") but this was so ludicrous that I was ready to answer HIS question even though there might have been an twist to it that I had not thought about. I knew that any ministry worth engaging in MUST always begin with and end with Jesus. So, I said "Yes LORD, You alone would be enough". There was another moment of silence and then He simply said, "OK". The intensity of HIS Presence left and I did not experience another visitation like this again until the end of June 2002.

One morning near the end of June 2002, I was sitting in exactly the same chair in my office working and the LORD again came to me as He had last November. Although it had been several months since the last "meeting", He spoke to me as if we were still engaged in our last conversation. He said, "Chris, if I had given you the things you thought you wanted in ministry, you would have come to despise them even more than you despised the aspects of business that you felt were competing for your time and hindering My call on your life - making it difficult for you to walk out what I had called you to do."

As He was speaking this to me, suddenly - I was no longer in my office but found myself in an outdoor setting looking straight ahead. It was obvious that I was outside but yet, I could not see past about 20 feet in any direction and it was clear that there was nothing important to be noticed beyond that distance. As I looked straight ahead, I saw the "body" of a person standing on two stones facing me about 15 feet in front of me.

As I looked at this person's body, there were several things that immediately stood out to me. First, the stones were separated enough such that the person's legs were at a 45 degree angle to each other. Next, the person had on generic clothing such that it was not clearly either male or female. This is because I believe it represented both male and female. Also, I could not see above the person's neck but yet, I knew it was not a headless body. It was very much alive and able to think, see, speak, and hear.

As I was contemplating this body standing spread-legged on these two large stones, I also was aware that Jesus was standing about 10 feet from me about 30 degrees to my left and He was looking at this person standing on these rocks also.

I again looked at the person in front of me and my attention was drawn to the rock under the right foot. Immediately, I knew this rock represented Jesus, the true foundation. Even as I thought this, Jesus knowing my thoughts said, "Yes, I am the true foundation. What does the other rock represent?" As I looked at it, I felt as if I was "impacted" with revelation and I suddenly knew that it represented all the other things that were about HIM - but they were not HIM.

Again knowing my thoughts, Jesus looked straight at me with a rather piercing look and said, "Yes, you are right. Chris, this rock represents THE PROPHETIC. (I was almost pushed backwards by the forcefulness and volume of HIS voice and I felt for a moment that He was angry with me. Then, He lowered the tone of HIS voice and continued.), it represents "full time" ministry, it represents "call to the nations", it represents the callings and destinies of My people., it represents all the things other than Me over which My people have become so passionate and consumed." Then, lowering HIS voice even more, He said, "Unfortunately, all these things represent the good things about Me which have replaced Me."

I saw Jesus lower HIS head and there was a moment of silence. Then, He looked at me again and said, "Now that you understand this, you will understand what I must now do." Having said that, He walked across in front of me and stopped in front of the rock under the left foot of the "body". What happened next took place so quickly that I was not able to see all that happened, but Jesus suddenly kicked the rock out from under the left foot of the body of the person and it was gone. Almost immediately, the body fell to its left and did a perfect belly-flop and impacted the ground hard - hard enough to produce a loud grunt - as the wind was knocked out of it. Then, it just lay there motionless.

(Let's stop for just a moment and think about the scene presented. If a person is standing three feet up in the air because of the size of these rocks and they are spread- legged with their body above and between the rocks, they will have equal weight on each foot. Try this and you will see that it is impossible for this not to be so. If one of the rocks suddenly comes out from under one foot, it will be impossible to regain stability and a bad fall will result.)

I was really concerned for the "body" because of the fall and Jesus simply looked at me and said, "Just observe." So I just stood still and watched. As I looked, the body slowly began to stir and to regain its breath. It slowly stood to its feet and looked at its condition. I saw it hold out its arms and hands and examine the dirt on them and then I saw it look at its soiled clothes, all covered with dirt and debris. As it stood there realizing its condition, it slowly walked over to Jesus and held out its hands and arms to HIM, allowing HIM to see all the dirt and debris on its clothes and said, "Jesus, we are so sorry we have done this to You. We are so sorry.

At this point, the body was weeping and quivering before the LORD having realized its condition. Then I heard it say, "LORD, please cleanse us of what we have done and heal us of our condition. We are so sorry."

Suddenly, I am back in my office and no longer in the outdoor scene. Again, I hear the LORD's voice but no longer see anything. He said, "In the coming days, my people's greatest desire will be just to sit at My feet and enjoy sweet fellowship with Me. No longer will they have their passions wrapped around the things they do for Me. I will be their greatest passion. Then, I will say to this one, will you go and deliver this message to this group, and I will say to that one, will you go and help this one on the street who is in great need, and I will say to another, will you go and encourage this one who is my sheep. Because of their passion for Me, they will have no desire to leave their place at My feet but they will do as I ask out of their great love for me. They will all go and complete their assignments exactly as I instructed, but when they have completed what I told them to do their only desire will be to quickly return to their place, sitting at My feet. Never again will they displace their passion for Me to those things that they do for Me. I alone will be their passion."

Then the LORD said, "I am about to give My Body a new revelation of Me". With that, the vision ended.

Note 1:
You may wonder about the part where the LORD spoke to me so sternly regarding the prophetic. I am pretty sure that the prophetic was one area where at some point over the last 10 years, I was personally guilty of the very things the LORD was after in this vision. Please do not interpret that part as the LORD not being in favour of the prophetic ministry since that would not be consistent with the written Word.

Note 2:
After having the vision, the LORD said later that the reason I could not see the head on the Body was that He was the Head. The Body was not taking its direction from its Head and so it was disconnected from the Head - doing things apart from the LORD's direction. This new revelation of Jesus would re-connect the Body to its real Head.

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